About DataStream

DataStream's staff has been involved in retail data collection since 1986. The company was formally incorporated in early 1999, based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan area (USA).

Our client list includes multi-national oil companies as well as local and regional independents.

We provide our clients with superior customer service and performance and have built a level of service that is unmatched within the industry. Through a partnership approach with our clients, DataStream stays on the cutting edge of the latest technology to enhance data collection processes and product deliverables.

DataStream strives for continual process improvement and strongly believes in thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX. This consistently results in both cost savings and increased value to our clients, allowing us to achieve and maintain a position as a market leader.

Our clients recognize that timely, accurate and dependable data collection is more than just a commodity to be provided by the lowest bidder. They value our innovative business approaches, improved methods, new technologies, and dedication to customer service.

DataStream has successfully created competitive advantages through minimizing corporate overhead and employing experts on an as-needed basis, while delivering the highest quality services and solutions for clients.