Mystery Shopping

DataStream's innovative drill-down approach to survey design reduces survey subjectivity and provides more accurate, more meaningful, and more actionable information. We work closely with you to jointly design and develop a customized program to meet your specific analytical needs.

Mystery Shopping is a proven form of customer-oriented research that provides factual, quantifiable data on facilities, physical conditions and service performance levels. It is an objective way to monitor pricing, promotions, product quality, conformance standards, and customer service. It enables your company to identify and target sub-standard areas within your facilities before they develop into major problems.

Mystery Shopping factors typically fall into these general categories: Facility Appearance, Product Availability and Quality, Standards Conformance, Personnel Service and Attitude, and Promotional Programs.

A properly designed and implemented Mystery Shopping program provides objective, quantifiable data about your facilities, personnel and operations. Specific, actionable information can help you train and motivate managers and front-line employees, and improve customer satisfaction, competitive advantage and overall profitability.

Our field personnel anonymously collect the relevant data at the stores you want monitored. This data is transmitted to DataStream for consolidation, quality checks, scoring, and report generation, before final reports and data are transmitted to you.